Conversational Partner: Nuit Blanche

Communication technology is ever evolving= modifying the ways we interact and negotiate socially in our daily lives. Conversational Partner creates a space for viewer to become participant, reconsidering the constructed space and ways  we engage with each other within it. Participants are able to make new and uncanny connections within this public space.

Conversational Partner creates an auditory or sound costuming by being placed in a location that may not invite conversation, or a different type of conversation. The intent of Conversational Partner is for the viewership to become participant reconsidering how we communicate through a different experience of such. We live in a world of smartphones, video calling, and social media and are losing the ability to engage with each other at face value.  When we are public space technology gives us the opportunity to disengage with others. Conversational Partner  gives an invitation to free play and free conversation between people within the public space. There is also a negotiation between listening and speaking,  which causes participants to be more actively aware of their surroundings. This sets a tone for play, miscommunication and play with miscommunication.

Ultimately Conversational Partner is a participatory sound intervention in a public space to engage the audience to question the way we communicate.

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