I am.

I am a compilation of roles I play everyday. I see myself as many things. 

A mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a niece, a tenant, a friend, an ex, a lover, a hater, a hipster, a slut a bitch, a crazy, a dancer, an artist, a cook, a caregiver, a maker, a thinker, an innovator, a ess, a procrastinator, an overachiever, a perfectionist, a drug addict, an alcoholic, an academic, a student, a research, a cousin, a fighter, a hustler, a driver, an easter, a disgrace, an inspiration, an outcast, a cunt, a sausage, a belle, a demon, a cum dumpster, a skeptic, a critic, an anarchist, a sadist, a masochist, a type, a psycho, a punk, a purveyor, a pervert, a listener, a talker, a leech, a giver, a thing a human, a wanter, a woman, a girl, a worker, a transient, a shopper, a consumer, a liar, a forgiver, a narcissist, a failure, a criminal, a disability, a star, a nightmare, a partier, a binger, a designer, a therapist, a listener, a drug, a killer, a vagina.

Referencing Richard Serra’s Verb list, A woman lists all of the roles that she may fufill. These roles vary from very domesticated roles to obscure and vulgar.

Richard Serra. Verb List. 1967–68. Graphite on paper, 2 sheets, each 10 x 8″ (25.4 x 20.3 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the artist in honor of Wynn Kramarsky. © 2011 Richard Serra/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

 From this list that I compiled I began to examine the nouns that were most prevalent in my life. My identity as a student and a mother are the two most conflicting. I have tried to keep these worlds very separate. In this works I am looking at how the two worlds integrate and meet. What do I negotiate and compromise in each of these worlds? How do they collide? The reality is that they are anything but separate. I projected images that of drawings that my children made with images that I have made and traced them with tape. Realistically it is not possible to disseminate an identity because of our own distortions, biases, and experiences. 

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